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[iPhone] Makayama releases Voice Dial App

As of yesterday Makayama released a Voice Dial Application for the iPhone. That means we finally can dial numbers without looking at the screen. Driving in your car and making phone calls is much safer now.

Voice Dial does not depend on a dictionary or vocabulary. Instead you can record voice samples for any contact in the addressbook. It therefore works with all languages.

There are two versions of Voice Dial:

  1. For iPhone firmware version 2.0 (updated iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G): Simply download from AppStore using iTunes.
  2. For iPhone firmware version <= 1.1.4. Your iPhone needs a ‘jailbreak’ to install. Start Installer, press Sources, then Edit , then Add . Next, type http://tinyurl.com/3544mp

The introduction offer until August: is $ 24.95 (EUR 17.95) ex. tax

Voice Dial is definitly the missing application for the iPhone. Find the manual here or watch the video: