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[e-Biz] Tablet-Mac iSlate Using iPhone Kernel

The guys over at seem to have been talking to an Apple contact, having more details of Apple’s iSlate. As already rumored during the last days, the iSlate seems to be featuring an ARM CPU, will be using the iPhone Kernel and will have the internal model number K48AP.

[e-Biz] The Slate Tablets Are Coming

Tablet PCs seem to be the next big thing. After Apple’s smartphone revolution with their iPhone, it seems the next big market revolution might be the Tablet PCs. Steve Ballmer of Microsoft introduced one of the Tablet PCs – a prototype of the HP Slate – last week on the CES 2010. In his presentation […]

[e-Biz] Apple Tablet PC to be Manufactured by Foxconn

According to Foxxconn has been chosen to manufactur Apple’s long rumored Tablet Macs. Shipment could begin in the beginning of 2010. Rumors have it the Touch Mac may have a 10.6″ display, manufactured by Foxconn’s subsidiary Innolux Display and it will mainly focus on e-book functionality in competition to Amazon’s Kindle.

[MacOS] Modbook Tablet PC available in Germany

The german Apple retailer Gravis will bring Axiotron’s Modbook to Germany, starting May 2, 2009. According to their website the Modbook will cost about €2,250 (~U$3,000). Technically the Modbook is a modified white MacBook. In contrast to Windows based convertibles the ModBook will not include a keyboard anymore. Anyway an external keyboard can be plugged […]