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[MacOS] Update 10.6.2 to Break Intel Atom CPU Support

According to Stellarolla’s blog the upcoming Snow Leopard update 10.6.2 and the Leopard update 10.5.9 will most likely break Intel Atom support. Thus rendering hackintosh installations on netbooks inoperable.

Although Apple does not provide products shipping with Intel Atom CPUs, the Mac OS kernel did support those. Now with the growing amount of hackintoshs it seems Apple tries to stop the use of their operating system on cheap an tiny netbooks.

Probably this is another indicator that Apple is going to bring the long rumored tiny tablet Mac. Anyway for people willing to maintain MacOS on their netbooks the easiest way is to not update to 10.6.2 or 10.5.9 at the moment.

» Stellarolla: “10.6.2 kills Atom and other news”…

[MacOS] Psystar’s RebelEFI Compromised

We recently wrote about RebelEFI, the latest development by the notorious Apple Clone manufacturer Psystar. Now after the scandals with the EFI-X modules, people were wondering if RebelEFI might also be based on OSX86 community achievements. The russian OSX86 TeaTeam has analysed, unpacked, and decrypted the downloadable RebelEFI.iso.

Asfar as the automatic translation of the russian article allows to understand, RebelEFI seems to partly contain kernel extensions that are covered by the APSL,  a bootloader that seems to be derived from boot 132, and the lspci hardware information tool.

Our comment

Psystar has contributed to the OSX86 scene in the past by releasing helpful kexts that are nowadays contained in almost any scene prepared PreBoot disk (like OpenHaltRestart.kext). This is basically a good thing.

Anyway it seems they are now going the same way of repacking community based achievements and putting what they call premium support to it. As they did not release source code of the used program parts, people from the OSX86 are rightly upset. Psystar that is the wrong path you’re taking. Don’t become a second EFI-X.

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