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[PS3] PSGroove: Open Source PS3 Jailbreak Released

As expected an open source version of the PS3 Jailbreak has been released by french hackers Mathieulh and RichDevX. Find the source code here. Support for PS3Jailbreak’s backup manager which would technically allow piracy, has thus been disabled as this implementation targets at homebrew only.

The exploit is intended to be burnt to AT90USB and related microcontrollers like:

  • AT90USB162
  • AT90USB646
  • AT90USB647
  • AT90USB1286
  • AT90USB1287
  • ATMEGA32U4

PS3-Hacks.com now provide compiled binary files ready to be flashed to ATMEGA USB sticks. Tutorials and manuals for all John Does among us are likely to surface within the next few days.

Congratulations to Mathieulh and RichDevX.