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[Linux] Setting Up a Debian VNC Server (via SSH tunnel)

“and first for something complete different”: Muzaq… coding or administrating system can’t do without gooood muzaq. Check our latest tunes here ;-) I. Abstract No doubt, configuring a web server won’t work without being in the know of basics about the terminal, vim or nano. Anyway many tasks can also be performed by administrating a […]

[Linux] Severe SSH security issues in Debian

I. Abstract It has been found by Luciano Bello that the Debian OpenSSL package has a severe security bug since 2006. By removing some lines of code from the md_rand.c source code that originally caused the memory check tool Valgrind to alert (see original Debian discussion here) the box of pandorra has been opened and […]

[Linux] Workaround for SSH buffer error

I. Abstract Some of you may already have experienced the same phenomenon. We wanted to secure one of our servers and disallow any password login. We configured the passwordless login to use ssh and use public-, private-key mode (see here) instead. But after having saved the sshd_config file, we eventually couldn’t reconnect to our Debian […]