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[iPhone] iPhone Lite exclusively on Verizon Wireless?

Businessweek.com reports that there are rumors about an iPhone Lite and an Apple Media Pad. Both could be distributed exclusively by Verizon Wireless. One or both of the devices  could be introduced in this summer. Businessweek writes they were talking to someone who got his hands on a prototype of the iPhone Lite already. Moreover Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam confirmed that he has been talking to Steve Jobs during the last six months.Verizon Wireless is a U.S. american joint venture of Verizon Communications and the british Vodafone.

Businessweek writes as there is no deal done yet, from Apple’s point of view the Verizon talks may be helpful on certain levels. Verizon is also a potential Palm Pre distributer aswell as Sprint Nextel. Talks between Apple and Verizon could delay the introduction of Palm’s Pre. In contrast to Sprint who got 35 million customers a Palm Pre on Verizon could be a much harder competitor as they got 86 million customers. Moreover Apple can also use these talks to put pressure on AT&T to incur more expenses of the iPhone manufacturing.

Our comment

Remember this is rumors. We feel it is quite unlikely that Apple will no prolong their partnership with AT&T.

»Businessweek.com: New Gear from Apple and Verizon Wireless

[iPhone] Rumors about 3rd Gen iPhone Features

Apple’s policy to upgrade devices once a year seems also to apply to the iPhone. A new iPhone – 3rd generation – is expected to be released at the end of june/beginning of july.

Rumors are circulating about the following features:

  • Developers who are already working with the latest beta version of iPhone OS 3.0 now report new drivers for WLAN chipsets allowing 802.11n connections to access points (according to MacRumors.com)
  • Also the camera could get an upgrade to 3.2megapixels as those CMOS image sensors have been ordered in large quantity (according to the asian Digitimes.com)
  • A video capture function seems to become integrated (according to EngadgetMobile.com)
  • A video editing function might become available (according to austrian Benm.at)
  • USB tethering might become available (also according to EngadgetMobile.com)

Will the 3rd gen iPhone be the same success story like the 1st and the 2nd generation? Let’s see.

We are very curious on the battle against the Palm Pre, that has been designed by the former Apple Manager and iPod architect Jon Rubinstein.

By the way: iPhoneBuzz.com has already released a comprehensive comparison between iPhone OS 3.0 beta and the Palm Pre. And StuffTV.com yet allows themselves to summarize the Linux based Palm Pre will be superiour to the iPhone. See here: