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[News] iPredator allows anonymous Internet Surfing

The cat and mouse game goes into its next round. After the media companies have fought a quite successful lobby war against basic liberties, the operators of the PirateBay are now testing a service that anonymizes your traces as internet user. The Business Model 3,000 internet users are right now in beta testing. 180,000 people […]

[Anonymity] Anti Spam Strategy

As seen in the past, the spammers steal our valuable life time with sending us porn, drugs and software offers, that we would never have dreamed of. The question is: where do those spammers get the email addresses from? And there are two simple answers. First being the problem that anyone having a website, mostly […]

[Stories] noch mehr SPAM von Junkload

Stand vom 25.05.2008 Per gestern Abend (24.05.2008) treiben die Freunde der Firma Streamtaiment Inc., über die wir bereits hier und hier berichteten, wieder ihr Unwesen. Spam-Mails, getarnt als Mahnungen, wurden zu Tausenden versendet. Die Spam-Filter von 1und1, GMX und haben wieder nicht reagiert. So dürfen die Freunde aus Bocholt/Isselburg uns weiterhin Lebenszeit stehlen. Tipps […]