[Stories] Germany now Losing Private Data, aswell

Recently we reported about how different british administrations and companies deal with data privacy of their employees and customers. They lost so many data, we continental Europeans never thought we could ever make that up again.

As a German, I can now proudly tell you guys: T-Mobile Germany alone lost more data sets during a hack than you guys have lost knowingly lost since 2007 ;-) The T-Com’s data sets consist of fone numbers, names, streets, account numbers, email addresses and so on. All in all 14 million cell phone customers’ data sets have been stolen. Moreover T-Com officials had to admit, that besides all the datasets of us John-Doe’s, they lost also lots of datasets by politicians, celebrities and so on. And now the real deal: that hack took place two years ago, but the T-Com didn’t tell their customers (me sic!). Parts of the datasets have obviously been already offered for sale on the internet yet.

The T-Com says this was not an amateur hack. I hope we can believe them…

One thought on “[Stories] Germany now Losing Private Data, aswell

  1. Beachball

    This fits perfectly well to the bank crisis. Now that we have our own major bank breakdown that has to be paid by the taxpayers in very much the same manner as in the US, we even have our own British data scandal. Germany is a true global player – in the game of stupidity.

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