[Pre] WebOS Released in Europe

Telefonica (O2/MoviStar) has approved Palm’s latest update. We expect they found some bugs that are on the american  The update will be installed automatically over the air. The 15 MB update brings Tethering via Bluetooth and 3D graphics acceleration to European Palm Pre’s, thus allowing us eventually to play Doom, Quake and Need For Speed.

The update features:

  • installation of apps to the media partition, thus allowing to use up to 7GB for applications
  • simultaneous installation of apps from the AppCatalog
  • Downloads can be paused and resumed
  • speed improvements
  • improved support for prepaid SIMs
  • improved battery runtime
  • support for animated GIFs

We are still waiting for a full changelog from Palm for this update.


Before updating: don’t forget to use the “Emergency Patch Recovery” (EPR) tool, if you installed patches via PreWare. The EPR tool can be found in PreWare under Available Packages -> Linux Applications -> All -> Emergency Patch Recovery

One thought on “[Pre] WebOS Released in Europe

  1. Humanoid

    meine fresse. endlich is die GPU aktiv. jetzt rockt das ding mal endlich. alles flüßig ohne stottern. richtig kewl. akso ist palm doch die einzige alternativ zwischen iPhone und Android.

    warum ,üssen die hersteler die apperate eigentlich immer beim kunden reifen lassen?

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