[MultiPlatform] Grand Theft Auto 4 Screensaver for Mac and Windows

Even Barack Obama just mentioned Grand Theft Auto IV in a speech some days ago. Although he did not really bash it, he reminded the audience that video games nowadays also mint children (even though GTA has gotten M Rating in the U.S.). Nonetheless Rockstargames announced GTA IV topped the $500 million in sales in its first week of release.

And Rockstar Games are moving on, they just released a GTA IV (Grand Theft Auto 4) Screensaver for Apple Mac OS X Leopard and Tiger and for Microsoft Windows Vista, and XP. Although the screensaver just contains still images, it really motivates to play that game. Let’s see how long I will be able to hold it before I will buy it ;-)

» Download Grand Theft Auto Screensaver here (Apple Mac OS X)…
» Download Grand Theft Auto Screensaver here (Microsoft Windows)…
» Grand Theft Auto IV homebase..

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