[Muzaq] Waves L3-16 Multimaximizer On Sale

Like many plugin developers, also Waves frequently does special sale offers. Of course we don’t need all of their plugins, but some of them are really good ones. We are still in love with th Waves API emulations, the Waves Q10 or the Waves TransX.

Sadly Waves is kinda expensive normally for all of us highly motivated, but still poor producer-nerds… but Waves frequently does specials. With these specials they offer entire packages for several thousands of dollars (muahaha…), and even single plugins go down to a third of the official price. And if you know what you really need, this comes handy bigtime. We highly recommend to bookmark their specials: http://www.waves.com/specials.

This month they got the Waves L3-16 Multimaximizer on sale for 200US$ (instead of 550US$). Which is a really fair, if you ask us. But even better is: Plugin-Discounts got this offer even cheaper. You sadly need to register for a free account on their site and check their prices yourself, since we are not allowed to post their prices to public. But we can assure you, you will most likely not find it cheaper anywhere else…

What is the L3 Multimaximizer?

Basically the L3 is a mastering limiter. It includes EQ, maximization, dithering and the possibility of adding some color to the final mix – ranging from analog to digital. Yeah, right another analog emulation, that why we recommend to just use it as a maximizing limiter. The analog emulation ain’t so outstanding, the limiting functionality in contrast IS outstanding – at least in our view ;-)

The L3-16 package that is on sale at the moment includes these plugin-variations:

  • L3 Multimaximizer (normally 350US$ alone)
  • L3 Ultramaximizer (included in the L3 Multimaximizer)
  • L3 ll Multimaximizer (low latency version, included in the L3 Multimaximizer)
  • L3 ll Ultramaximizer (low latency version, included in the L3 Multimaximizer)
  • and the L3-16 Multimaximizer (16-band peak limiter/level maximizer, built-in linear phase equalizer, with linear phase filtering for maximum output, free of phase distortion)

Waves’ L3 Promo Video

L3 Variants (All included  in this offer)






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