[Muzaq] Audacity 2.0 Released

The platform independent and Open Source driven audio editing software Audacity has been released in version 2.0. Audacity is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Many people say, Audacity is simply one of the best software audio editors with a huge amount of well designed built-in functions (fading, normalizing, vocal remover etc.).

It is compatible to LADSPA-Plugins, Nyquist-Plugins and VST-Effects.

Although the GUI should imho still be enhanced in comparison to its commercial competitors (Steinberg Wavelab, Sony Soundforge, Adobe Audition etc.), Audacity is a must-have, as it is free and from a technical point of view it is impressively powerful.

Don’t waste your time and grab your copy now.


One thought on “[Muzaq] Audacity 2.0 Released

  1. t-bird

    …it also uses AU plugins on os x.

    as for the gui, maybe i’m being ignorant, but i’d rather the “jazzy” part be under the hood…

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