[MacOSX] Bonjour Issues with Realtec 8111B on Gigabyte GA EP35 DS3

http://lh5.ggpht.com/_9g2xyiIBsNU/TB-3E5BWCUI/AAAAAAAAAEI/fFVxNKb5nNM/lnx2mac-logo.png… can be solved easily using Lnx2Mac’s driver :D

His driver is based on Realtec’s Linux driver which has been released under the GPL.


  • Snow Leopard and Lion
  • 32bit kernels and 64bit kernels
  • Sleep and Wake



You may also try the official Realtec driver, but it doesn’t seem to support sleep and wake on OSX and seems to be slower. A comparision between these two drivers is provided here.

// Additional Comment 14.01.2014 //
We experienced issues with Samba driven NAS shares when using the lnx2mac driver. Those issues didn’t appear with the offical Realtec driver.

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