3 thoughts on “[MacOS] Solution to Live Mesh Crashing

  1. John Pates

    This is awesome. Ever since Mac 10.6 came out, my Mesh was grayed out. I went through dozens of websites with “fixes”. None of them seemed to work. This did. Thanks for posting it.

  2. seth

    I’m unclear as to how this is a solution… So is the idea that you go through this process every time you reboot?

    I’m running 10.5.7 and I’ve installed Live Mesh twice. Both times it works after initial install, I sync some folders, everything is great. I reboot, or sleep, and it never lets me sign in again. Reinstalling doesn’t seem to be changing anything…

  3. sir henry lloyd

    @seth: Did you try to RESET THE PREFERENCES as written above or not? I suppose you did not, did you?

    And no: go thru these steps ONCE. There is no mentioning of doing this after every reboot.

    But maybe somethign else is fishy with your system or the current Live Mesh version could also be major-buggy. Who knows?

    Why r u running 10.5.7 anyway? 10.5.8 is out for months.

    If u r running a hackintosh, there could be thousands of different side-effects resulting in Live Mesh issues – like not proper configured network cards. Is Time Machine working (at full speed)?

    kudos, shell

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