[Windows] Windows 7 to be 100% Compatible to XP

The WinSuperSite reports today that Windows 7 will include a very nice feature called Windows XP Mode (XPM). By having this mode available Windows 7 will be able to run almost any Windows program that is currently available on the market.

What is XPM?

XPM is a technology that is derived from the Virtual PC technology. Meaning: XPM is a complete Windows XP with SP3 included. In contrast to earlier Virtual PC environments XPM will not require to run Windows XP as a separated desktop. In fact, XPM installed applications are published to Windows 7 aswell and will appear as if they were native Windows 7 applications. Shortcuts will be put into the Windows 7 Start Menu. Windows XP and Windows 7 applications can thus be run side by side.

Availability of XPM

Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate users will be allowed to download XPM from Microsoft’s website. It will not be shipped with the Windows 7 boxes.

More information

» WindowsSuperSite: Revealing Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

This screenshot is courtesy of WindowsSuperSite. Find a lot more screenshots here.

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