[iPhone] Pwnage has been released


This is one of the greatest news these days. The iPhone Dev Team today released the Pwnage Tool to free all our iPhones from the devil :-) . The incomplete-news team bows in deepest respect to the whole iPhone Dev Team.

Pwnage is a masterpiece of ambitious reverse engineering. We feel reminded of the modified Darwin bootloader (Netkas’ PC EFI), which is – in a certain way – a comparable masterpiece. All those efforts resulting in such “One Click Tools” are hardest work of understanding assembly code and nowadays encryption technologies. I can hardly believe that the Dev Team has done all this in their spare time. Thumbs up, guys. You definitly rock…

As of yet only the Apple Mac OS X version has been released. The Microsoft Windows version will be handed out most likely within the next few hours, but “cmw” – the dev of the windows version – needs right now some sleep, because he ported the whole Pwnage program in just one week to Microsoft Windows – w00t…

However a couple of people are yet reporting errors after applying Pwnage. Here are the most often errors since release 8 hours ago.

  • ” The bootloader flash failed (Error 5)”
  • “Detaching custom ramdisk from ‘/Volumes/xyz‘.”
  • “Detaching root filesystem from ‘/Volumes/xyz‘.”
  • “Updating custom Ramdisk”
  • mail.app crashes and iTunes can’t sync then
  • iTunes reports ” “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1604).”
  • Bootneuter stucks while “Determining current settings”

We will surely release a detailed and illustrated HowTo about Pwning your iPhones. But if your iPhone is working smoothly right now, due to the errors being reported, for now we don’t recommend applying Pwnage.
» Download Pwnage 1.0 Mac version here (MD5: 2d528c9da1082ee3cf6b8f0cb2f8256e)…
» Download Pwnage 1.0 Windows version here (to be released within the next 24hrs)…
» Download WiFi Fix here (MD5: c42ea7c7ca76b3f366cec9472136fd50)…
» Download required bootloaders (I can’t directly link to them for obvious reasons), just search Yahoo, Google or Live (suggested search terms: iphone bootloaders.rar)…

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