[iPhone] Pwnage for Windows (WinPwn) beta released


The time of waiting is almost over. CMW just released a beta of WinPwn. Eventually the Microsoft Windows users can soon pwn their iPhones safely. However we need to point out in contrast to the Pwnage Mac version the Windows version is still beta and thus does not support firmware 2.0 (1.2) yet. It requires to have an iPhone loaded with firmware 1.1.4 to get WinPwn started and you need to have a specific iTunesMobileDevice.dll installed in your WinPwn folder.
By now following issues have been reported:
  • restore may fail and iPhone will be stuck in boot loop
  • issues with mail.app
  • issues with EDGE (symbol disappears and displays erratically)

Anyway this is a beta version – it is recommended to be used at most for jailbreak and installing the installer.app only. We we recommend to not use it at all just now. Rumors tell that WinPwn beta 2 will be released tonight.

» WinPwn’s download page

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