[iPhone] Jailbreak for iPhone OS 3 beta (Update)

We’ve been informed that a jailbreak for iPhone OS 3 beta is on doubtful trade for about 10$ (and on doubtful websites full of ads). We strongly recommend

  • to wait with updating to 3.0 until the iPhone Dev Team has released a working solution, that also helps people maintaining the unlock possibility for the iPhone 3G (means to not update the baseband!) and
  • to  not use jailbreaks for 3.0. As there are no technical information available, how it works and thus what might be screwed up by applying it.

Be patient.

Update April 2, 2009: Now the iPhone Dev Team also comments on those non Dev Team jailbreaks. Obviously some people use a self modified version of QuickPwn. The iPhone Dev Team will of course give no support to people using modified QuickPwn versions.The Dev Team explicitly warns from updating to a iPhone OS beta version floating on peer2peer networks and from applying non Dev Team jailbreaks to it.The problem is the iPhone OS 3.0 is beta and thus contains lots of bugs. That is why Apple releases these betas in such a short period.

iPhone 3G users will also lose the possibility to unlock, since baseband 02.30 cannot be unlocked at this moment. Yellowsn0w is compatible to baseband 02.28 only. Last but not least: all iPhone OS 3 betas will cease to work at a certain point of time.

Just be patient.

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