[iPhone] Baseband Downgrading Possible on 3G

We’ve recently reported that exploits can be applied to the baseband bootloader 5.8 to install any bootloader. Now a working exploit has been released via Cydia.

As we have not tested this program we strongly recommend not to try this for two reasons: first it seems this package is in violation of Apple’s copyright, as it distributes a bootloader and second the script seems to have issues. In quite a few cases downgrading did not work, although everything seems to have applied properly. Don’t use untested exploits. Sideeffects and damaged basebands might be the result.

3 thoughts on “[iPhone] Baseband Downgrading Possible on 3G

  1. anand

    can i downgrade baseband with bootloader 5.9 or there any way that i can get or download bootloader 5.8

  2. vijay

    Thats not easy to possible anand…..bootloader downgrade still working EvilPenguin geohot groups….

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