[MacOS] HowTo Update to MacOS X 10.5.2

Update: 02.07.2008 Update 10.5.4 is out now, read our notes here.
Update: 01.06.2008 Update 10.5.3 is out now, read our instructions here.


As most of you know Netkas is constantly working on the EFI Emulation for standard PC-Bios based motherboards. As of now you can even use the Software Update (auto-update feature) included in Tiger or Leopard. Means: no hassle with kernel panics whatsoever – assumed you have a system which is close to Apple hardware (like Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Chipset onboard)… But with revision 10.5.2 a minor issue occurred.

In short: don’t use auto update. Although Netkas released a tutorial which discribes a workaround I would encourage you to wait for a working solution. Chances are very high you screw up your system nevertheless – like a friend of mine did. Wait a solution will be posted here within the next few days… *erm* it took a little longer and it has been written for update 10.5.3 rather than 10.5.2 but the steps and the approach is almost the same – see here

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