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[e-Biz] It’s the end of Yahoo as we know it…

One of the biggest investors of our time bought a little share of Yahoo. Well little in this case literally means 3.5% which is currently about 1.3 billion US$. As we know very well from the past most of the companies (like Motorolla) in which he invested become split into smaller divisions. And yes you […]

[e-Biz] Microsoft not interested in Yahoo anymore

english Microsoft has publicly withrawn their bit for Yahoo. The last offer by Microsoft raised the bit by $5billion (about € 3.23billion) to $44.5billion (about €28.76billion). Yahoo still wanted $5billion more, but Microsoft was not willing to raise their offer again. From a european perspective: it does not look good for Yahoo. We would not […]

[iPhone] Skype on iPhone with Fring

english (pictures taken from the Fring Website!) Fring enables the iPhone to: use Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM make calls over WiFi do Internet Messaging chat over our WiFi internet connection Currently this is a special release only, which is still being developed. But beta-testing is not restricted to a chosen community. […]