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[MacOS] EPOS I. – EFI Post Install for White-Box PCs

We were working quite some time on this. Now here is EPOS I. – the “EFI Post Install” Script for white-box PCs that are almost hardware compatible with Apple’s devices “EPOS I.” is an “EFI Post Install” Script What does it do? EPOS helps installing retail DVD’s of Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on […]

[MacOS] Pushing OS X on PCs Major Steps Forward

yet another incomplete news (AIN) Since David Elliot (also known as DFE) showed the OS X on PC scene how to boot Leopard Retail DVDs on non EFI systems (=standard PCs) using his „Boot 132 CD“ there is even more strong progress – OS X is technically almost completely untied from a Macintosh computer. Based […]