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[iPhone] PwnageTool and QuickPwn for Firmware 2.1 released (Updated)

The iPhone Dev Team did it again. Firmware 2.1 has been released yesterday and PwnageTool and QuickPwn are yet updated to support jailbreaking and unlocking. Nice! Besides support of firmware 2.1, the iPhone Dev Team found a way to even fool the new iTunes 8 pwnage detection (read our recent article here). Now iTunes 8 will install custom firmware compiled with PwnageTool again – no patching or modifying of iTunes 8 required…

[Update] 14th of Sept, 2008: People report issues with different errors. We are just prepping a collection of workarounds. Find them in some minutes here.

Kudos to the Dev Team !!!

» Download QuickPwn here(SHA: 0b2dcb51e224b12590793e8a758dd80c450e5b64)
» Download PwnageTool here(SHA: 92487230c66296ec1e414260b5f107e5d351923f)