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[Bing] Microsoft Bing Maps As The Real Second Life

Microsoft seems to be putting lots of money into their geo mapping services. They are not only integrating 3D views, that can be zoomed fluently into, they are integrating real time recordings and historical pictures as long as they contain geo data. If that is not enuff for you: they also integrated the view on the stars that of course changes when you move or adjust the time.

A little too much information? Check this presentation by Microsoft Live Labs’ architect Blaise Aguera y Arcas – also known as the creator of Photosynth, the technology that is now being integrated into Bing Maps.

Well, do you still think there is need for Linden’s Second Life?

1. Demoing Bing 3D Maps (courtesy of TED.com)…

2. Demoing Photosynth in 2007 (also courtesy of TED.com)…