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[MacOS] Mac OS X 10.6 Codename Snow Leopard

Besides yet expected news about the new 3G iPhone (we reported here), Apple’s chief of software development Bertrand Serlet also announced details of the upcoming operating system OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”). Snow Leopard will feature:

  • support for 16TByte RAM
  • introduction of QuickTime X (already included on iPhones)
  • support for Microsoft Exchange 2007 in Mail, iCal and Addressbook
  • integration of OpenCL (Open Computing Language), that can make use of modern GPUs for accelerated computations
  • new and easier-to-use APIs for applications using multiple core CPUs (“Grand Central”)

All in all Apple said they wanted to improve quality of their product. We feel integration of MS Exchange is good step into that direction. But we still hope for working IMAP integration, aswell. Snow Leopard will be released in June 2009. We estimate that developers can expect first beta versions at latest in january.