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[Stories] The China/Tibet Topic

The China/Tibet News during these days are way disillusioning. China’s communistic party burns whole China’s good reputation in the world. Don’t these maoistic hardliners see what they will earn? However from Europe, the whole topic feels just so sad. I can just say, we’re way shocked. There is no way to stay non-political in this matter. But: we need to point out, this is not at all against the chinese people rather then their leaders, who forced the military to act in that violent way.

The “Flame of Shame” arrived Paris. Same as in London the day before: protests all over. People in the other forthcoming cities won’t act any different…

Read, what happenened in these articles:

» Time Magazine: Will the Olympic Torch burn China?
» Spiegel Online: Olympischer Fackellauf unterbrochen – Flamme erloschen
» Free Tibet Campaign

See how Paris’ friendly police officers show demonstrators the right way…
» 00:15 min Police officer pushs a demonstrant
» 00:22 min Police officer pushs the camera man