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[News] iTunes Gift Card Algorithm Cracked

On auction sites worldwide chinese faked iTunes gift card serials are getting sold for a lot less money than their iTunes value. Currently 200US$ gift cards cost about 3-5US$ in China. In Europe prices vary between 40-60€ per 200US$ gift card.

This issue reveals that Apple seems to have at least one problem: either they don’t have a database of valid gift card keys at all, but is only using checksum algorithms to test for validity of these cards – or their database of valid gift cards has backdoors that have been found by some chinese guys. Although – as always – Apple did not comment on this yet, they are most likely working on this problem.

We strongly recommend to not buy iTunes gift cards currently via auction sites. It is fraud and by knowingly buying those faked codes you are accountable. Moreover technically will Apple block these codes.

Always remember: if it’s too cheap to be true, it is fake.

[iPhone] iPhone 3G hits eBay

First auctions here in Germany are already running out. As expected (read here): prices are strongly tending to 1,000€. We’re tracking this auction to see the final price – please don’t place bids. This is for entertainment and for fun only. Currently the price is at 760€ with 8hrs remaining. You could buy two 3G iPhones in Italy for that price.

Anyhow: we recommend to not buy any iPhone 3G, right now. As of yesterday (read here) the iPhone Dev Team performed to unlock the new firmware, but it is not known if this applies to the 3G version of the iPhone aswell, because it is very likely to have a new bootloader, rather than bootloader 4.6. Moreover the firmware 2.0 hack is still under heavy testing and not yet released to the public. Therefore expect scam whereever you find activated and unlocked 3G iPhones…