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[USA] Berlin loves Obama

There have been enduring discussions about european anti-americanism. The truth is: the so called anti-americanism always was disappointed love. And that disappointment now turned back into unlimited love. The american messiah has arrived.

What happened? The whole world was deeply sympathetic with the US when the World Trade Centers were attacked and thousands of innocent people have been killed because of ideologic hate-filled maniacs. And then? America’s leaders completely lost control over what their aims were. An Iraq War with loads of bogus proofs. Iraqi oil for the US but no real peace weather in Iraq nor in Afghanistan. At least Europe was deeply frustrated from what the Bush administration was doing then.

But the american people now showed the world that they “can” and they want to convince themselves and the world that a better world is possible. Though he will not be able to solve all the problems at once, his election is the first right step into the 21st century.

May he and his family live long and prosper and may he set free all the good powers that have been suppressed so long. Berlin loves Obama. Keep on smiling, man. Your smile heals the world.