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[MacOS] Experiences with Sapphire ATI HD 2600XT 256MB (Device ID 9588)


After having had too much hazzle with the Gigabyte ATI x1650 (Device ID 71c6) I decided to buy a new graphics card. What made me buy that ATI (or in general an ATI card) again?

Where to obtain

German users are provided with a link to Amazon.de where they can buy exactly the graphics card I used for the following howto. But in contrast to my fellow german users the american users cannot be provided with such a link, because Amazon.com doesn’t offer that card. Search it elsewhere or just order from the german Amazon store using this link: Sapphire RADEON HD 2600 XT PCIe ). This should be most hazzle-free way for you…

How to install (_t_h_e___h_a_z_z_l_e___f_r_e_e___w_a_y_)

Ok so, after having bought this new graphic card, don’t just install it yet into your tower or desktop. Instead boot your system into OS X while having your old graphics card installed. Follow those steps:

  1. Login into OS X as root.
  2. Get the new Netkas Natit Driver (link)
  3. install it to /System/Library/Extensions/
  4. Make sure you set the right permissions to the Natit.kext : open terminal and type: chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/Natit.kext
  5. shutdown your system, unplug electricity and replace your graphics cards
  6. plug power chord and boot your system.
  7. you should be done…

Circumventing issues

If anything does not work and your screen looks garbled. I recommend having an XP or Vista installed on another drive and use MediaFour’s MacDrive 7. So you can download the driver again and copy to your OSX partition and install it manually in single user mode (provide -s at OSX boottime).


Sapphire ATI2600 XT 256MB
with HP w2207 (click to enlarge)

Final words

We hope you had some fun and we could provide you with some help here. If you are satisfied with this solution, you may consider our sponsors. They really got the coolest offers. Thanks :-)

Addendums for the german speaking community

Falls Ihr Fragen zu der Anleitung habt, bitte in die Kommentare. Wenn sich mehr als fünf deutschsprachige Leute melden, übersetze ich den Artikel. Ansonsten: wer exakt die Karte sucht, die ich verwendet habe, kauft bitte im deutschen Amazon Shop genau diese Karte hier: Sapphire RADEON HD 2600 XT PCIe 256 MB DDR3 128 Bit, Dual DVI, TV-Out, HDMI, OpenGL, DirectX10 Retail!!!