[Muzaq] Dub FX’ Album “Everthinks a Ripple”

You know what Dub is?! You know what beatboxing is?! Lemme tell you: I suppose you really don’t. I really love Rahzel for what he does, but I gotta tell you Dub FX is really version 2.0 of human beatboxing. I strongly recommend to watch the video below to fully understand what he does and second to get his album here asap.

Nothing more to say, but -=> o u t s t a n d i n g – a l b u m <=-

More infos:

» Buy “Everythinks a Ripple” here
» Dub FX on the Net

One thought on “[Muzaq] Dub FX’ Album “Everthinks a Ripple”

  1. an eastbong killed westbam

    Sadly the CD does not contain the live version of “Love Someone” above. Means: the Youtube version of “Love Someone” sounds better (but is only 64kbit/mp3).

    The _singing_ voice is too far in the background on the CD in contrast to the youtube vid.

    @ DUB FX: Please leak it as mp3/320kBit. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

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