[Windows] XP Mode on Windows 7 for older CPU’s

In contrast to Microsoft’s XPM-VM, Parallels now announced they will support seemless Windows XP virtualization on CPU’s that don’t have extended VM commands like AMD-V or Intel-VT.

Parallels’ features in a nutshell:

  • 3D graphic support
  • USB compatibility
  • Parallels Transporter to migrate applications to Windows 7
  • no CPU with VM commands required
  • seemless integration in Windows 7 – no Windows XP desktop
  • applications seem to run directly in Windows 7

You may register to download a free beta version here.

One thought on “[Windows] XP Mode on Windows 7 for older CPU’s

  1. EPA Press Agency

    Wonderful, if it works like told!

    No searching for a CPU with Intel VT or a maiboard or a new PC!

    I want to be a BETA tester and will try it on several PCs and laptops!

    Greetings from Freiburg, Germany!

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