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[Linux] Wine 1.0 Release Candidate 1 available

Yes, it really is true. After only 15 (yes: fifteen) years of development, eventually there will be a version 1.0 of Wine. Back in the days I would never have expected them to survive that long, since nobody expected Microsoft Windows to be the winner of the operating system wars.

Anyway nowadays Wine is heavily sponsored and developed by Codeweavers, who commercially offer Crossover and Crossover Mac aswell. Both Crossover versions are based on Wine. Moreover ReactOS – a very promising operation to build a free and open source operating system, which is completely Windows API compatible – is also based (in parts) on Wine.

» WineHQ
» Codeweavers’ Crossover
» ReactOS

And for the fun part. The most unanswered question is: did the Wine devs implement the same bugs into Wine like Microsoft implemented into Windows – means: will it really be compatible?

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