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[MacOS] Switcher’s Hints 1001: Most Helpful Shortcuts

Mac OS is much more depending on mouse commands than Microsoft Windows. Anyway there are some shortcuts that make your switcher’s lives easier.

Cmd-Tab change between programs (not between windows)
Fn-F9 thumbnail overview of all windows
Alt-Cmd-Esc kill programs instantly
Shift-Cmd-3 screenshot of whole screen (saves on desktop)
Shift-Cmd-4 select part of the screen for screenshot (saves on desktop)
Shift-Cmd-4 + Space select active window for screenshot (saves on desktop)
Esc (in textfields) auto complete
Cmd-PageDown execute program/open subfolder (like return-key in MS-Windows)
Alt-Eject instantly eject CD/DVD
Alt-Cmd-Eject instantly go to sleep mode

Cmd-Key = Apple-Key