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[iPhone] Apple’s AppStore DRM broken

You don’t trust DRM protections? You read that Microsoft and Yahoo switched off their DRM servers thus disallowing the continuous use of legally bought Music?

Then this might be the news for you. Sources that wish to stay anonymous confirmed and explained that removing of AppStore’s DRM of your legally bought applications is fairly simple for people who know what a command line is.

The technique only requires a jailbroken iPhone that got SSH installed. Once you legally bought the application you can run it on your iPhone / iPod Touch. Then you log in via SSH, determine the process ID and dump a part of the memory. Since the application needs to be decrypted in order to run on your iPhone it will be decrypted before it’s going to be executed. So in memory you have the decoded binary and you only need to dump in to a file. Using the GNU debugger here makes your life easy. After that you only need to replace the part of the encrypted binary with the memory dump and set a flag to not encrypted. People who know what ProcDump in the early Windows days did: this is exactly the same technique without the automatization.

Anyway we’re not sure if more concrete information may violate Germany’s weird intellectual property rights, we can’t go into further details here. We recommend to do a Google search. You will most likely find one or two tutorials that go in to detail step by step. Applying that technique will allow you to save your very bought apps. We don’t condone misuse or piracy.