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[News] Pirate Bay Case: Court rules Jail Sentence

In yesterday’s court rules the four people behind the Pirate Bay BitTorrent tracker were convicted to jail sentence and to compensate about 2.8mio euros. Although this might have been a day for the media industry to party, the Pirate Bay guys already said they will definitely appeal.

One of the Pirate Bay guys – Peter Sunde – compared the trial with the Karate Kid. You lose the first fight but there will be a happy ending.

To reach the final verdict by the supreme court could take many years. In the meantime the Pirate Bay platform is still operating. The Pirate Bay guys even started a new service called iPredator, that is basically a VPN service for peer2peer users without logging anything.

For legal reasons, we cannot link those services from Germanistan. You will find them anyhow.

Watch the Pirate Bay’s press conference: