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[Movies] Documentary: Let’s Make Money

After “We feed the world” the austrian film maker Erwin Wagenhofer has made a new documentary. This time he’s following the path of all our money. As mosts of us in the western world have saved money into deposit accounts or equity fonds this topic affects all of us. As we all want our money growing.

But how does money grow?

This is the main question Erwin Wagenhöfer tries to answer with this movie. And the answer is shocking. We people from the western world are too blind to get the whole picture. And this movie shows us the hidden parts of the picture. This documentary is must-see for everybody willing to be responsible for his actions. It simply opens our eyes.

Financial Times Germany wrote “110 enthralling minutes… Wagenhofer wraps his critics skillful but nevertheless clearly… and gets two-fisted to the point.” (original quote: “110 fesselnde Minuten… Wagenhofer verpackt seine Kritik geschickt und doch deutlich… knallhart auf den Punkt gebracht“ ct. via Amazon.de)

Where to watch

“Let’s make money” has just been released on DVD in Germany. We got no information when or if it will be released in the U.S. We recommend to check the IMDB regularly. Anyway there are english and french language trailers embedded below.

»Let’s make money on Wikipedia
»Let’s make money (german website) …

English trailer

French trailer