[MacOS] Enable Screen Resolution / ATI x1650 Device 71c6

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The following assumes:

And most likely since then you – as an ATI x1650 owner won’t be able to change the screen resolution and you have no QE/CI.After hazzling around with my system a lot I can at least offer a solution for the screen resolution problem. Requirements: you have no ATI hacks installed at all. Since I will modify the original ATINDRV.kext. I got device id 71c6 although this should not matter here. Before proceeding please do me the favor and tell me:

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I assume:

  • you do backups of the files you’re going to modify, don’t you?
  • you already enabled root access to your system
  • you are logged in as root
  1. copy /System/Library/Extension/ATINDRV.kext to your desktop
  2. open the ATINDRV.kext package on your desktop
  3. inside of this package go to /Contents/PlugIns/
  4. open the ATY_Wormy.kext
  5. inside this package go to /Contents/
  6. open the file: Info.plist with your Texteditor
  7. find this position:
  8. and replace it with this:
  9. find this position:
  10. and replace with this:
  11. save the changes and close the texteditor
  12. replace the /System/Library/Extensions/ATINDRV.kext with the one you just edited on the desktop
  13. reboot

After reboot the screen resolution should be selectable. Tell me your experiences. I did this with an ATI x1650 which got device id 71c6.

P.S. QE/CI will not be enabled with this! This will be part two ;-)

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4 thoughts on “[MacOS] Enable Screen Resolution / ATI x1650 Device 71c6

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  2. Froggy

    Hi, thanx 4 your tutorial. I followed this and its beter than all the other ones. I just cant find part 2 ?.

    I’ve got a Gigabyte Radeon X1650 Pro and all its 100%.

    Thanx again

  3. MetaPapa

    Thank you!!!
    Yes I got the same Gigabyte card. I did not examine strategies to get QE/CI running, yet. I changed my card to ATI 2600 HD XT. Since this whole thing here is a one man show, I would need some help to exam the ways of enabling QE/CI. I will drop you a mail with further instructions…

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