[MacOS] EFI-X to Ship Press Review Samples on Friday

We just got an e-mail sent by the PR division of EFI-X, saying they will ship press review sample devices on friday this week.

Stay tuned guys. Dreams are finally coming true to the PC scene…

» Find more information on EFI-X.com

One thought on “[MacOS] EFI-X to Ship Press Review Samples on Friday

  1. Beachball

    This could render VERY interesting! Considering how slow Apple reacted against Psystar, they leave an impression of doubt in their legal standing (just to speculate wildly;-) ). So perhaps EFI-X, assuming it keeps its promises, could raise the pressure on Apple to open their OS to the PC platform. Whatever.

    Anyway, considering my bad experience with my rev1 Macbook, it´s an interesting development as long as its legal for the end user.

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