[e-Biz] Apple to replace MagSafe Power Adapters

Many MacBook and MacBook Pro users already experiences problems with their MagSafe power adapters. Apple now reacts to this issue and replaces all MagSafe adapters no matter if your device is out of warranty or not. Go here to demand a replacement. Apple usually ships within 48hrs to your door.

In contrast to Apple’s shown picture our problem with the rubber molding appears on the other end of the cable.

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4 Responses to “[e-Biz] Apple to replace MagSafe Power Adapters”

  1. Beachball says:

    Great! Should have known this before I bought a new adaptor…*slapping forehead*

  2. metapapa says:

    Beachball: don’t worry. You’d better cure yourself using that fantastic mescal you offered me last time at your place…


  3. Beachball says:


    BUT I could buy a bottle of “Hornitos” Tequila instead. This is to me what Glenlivet is to you. Precise. Light. Somewhat fruity. And it is perfect for a fantastic Margarita – very unlike the mezcal, which is to me what Macallan is to you :-)!
    IF you tolerate epic OT posts, that would be ;-)

  4. metapapa says:

    I don’t care about offtopic, as long as it is me and my guys being off ;-)

    Kudos dude…

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