[MacOS] Paragon Updates NTFS Driver for Mac OS

The german Paragon Software Group has just released their Windows NT file system driver “NTFS for Mac OS X 8.0”. According to Paragon this driver is the only driver on the market that allows to read and write to NTFS drives with the same speed as native HFS+ drives.

In contrast to Tuxera’s “NTFS for Mac” solution Paragon’s “NTFS for Mac OS X 8.0” also supports 64bit kernel installations of Snow Leopard.

A free 10 days trial version is available thru their website. The full retail version costs about US$ 39.95 or €29.95.

2 thoughts on “[MacOS] Paragon Updates NTFS Driver for Mac OS

  1. L0wnsum

    why need for 64bit kernal anyway?
    32bit kernal can addres 32gb ram and run 64 process also…

  2. J. Epstein Post author

    that’s true. the performance boost between 32 or 64bit kernel should be minimal on OS X in contrast to Windows.

    Windows cannot address large memory with 32bit kernel, OS X can.

    Windows cannot run 64bit processes with 32bit kernel, OS X can.

    That OS X mach_kernel is imho still superior to Windows kernel design atm.

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