[MacOS] EFI-X USB Devices on Sale

Update May 5,  2009: EPOS I. does pretty much the same like EFI-X, but is free of charge for endusers. Find EPOS I. here.

We today finally received an EFI-X V1 device for review purposes. As our device arrived from Taiwan, there is obviously a swiss dealer who really got some devices for sale, yet. We get back to you a little later, when we setup our testing lab devices. In the meantime, enjoy some photos…

» List of EFI-X Retail Dealers

3 thoughts on “[MacOS] EFI-X USB Devices on Sale

  1. Beachball

    *wiping sweat off forehead*
    And? DOES it work?
    I´m very curious about how Apple is gonna react upon this….and even more curious if it´ll be possible to do the regular Leopard udates. Tension rises!!

  2. metapapa Post author

    Sometimes yes it does, sometimes no it doesn’t (blinking cursor instead of menu). We expect this to be a config error in our setup. Therefore: this is a very early stage and we are not using EFI-X recommended mobo’s, but ASUS for testing purposes. Sadly Gigabyte didn’t deliver review samples, yet. This is only a minor remark in an early testing stage. We will get back to you with a full article soon…

  3. Beachball

    TEST IT! TEST IT! TEST IT! I want my cheapo Mac Pro! :-)
    *kidding mode off* No, thanks for your pioneering! Fantastic work!!

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