[MacOS] Crossover Software For Free Tomorrow

Strange things can happen. With the Lameduck Campaign Jeremy White (CEO of Codeweavers) initially wanted to:

“(..) to inspire President Bush to make the most of his final days in office. Who knew that our Challenge would have this kind of impact on the country?” White said. “On the other hand, who knew that the economy would implode, causing oil demand to drop into the abyss and gas prices to plummet as well. Clearly, investigating Bear Stearns, AIG and those guys is misplaced – CodeWeavers is responsible for this mess. So it’s free software for all!”

Luckily for the american customers the price of a gallon decreased to 2.79$ on october, 14th and so Codeweavers will give away free copies of their Crossover software tomorrow (2008 october, 28th).

» Crossover’s press release here
» Crossover’s Lameduck Campaign
» Incomplete-Labs’ HowTo: Crossover and UltraEdit

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