[iPhone] Developer strikes back against Cracking

The developer of Full Screen Web Browser strikes back against cracked copies. Instead of just punishing the users for downloading cracked copies, he included a rather intelligent strategy: Full Screen Web Browser runs for 10 times but then ceases to work.

Full Screen Web Browser obviously has a protection included that checks for validity on their own servers and then submits the unique iPhone ID. Thus making reinstalling of this cracked copy impossible.

Although we feel this is a very good strategy and we really liked to have other devs followed this example, we also know that there will be some crackers who will circumvent this part of the protection easily aswell. The next cracked versions will likely not call any servers or show nags. For moral reasons that hopefully some crackers will have, this may also not happen.

Anyway for really making people addictive we would recommend to let the application run  for 50 times. In the meantime people will get used to it and will buy it. 10 times is too seldom for people to adapt.

This picture is courtesy of benchatelain.com. Find more information there…

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