[MacOS] Paragon Updates NTFS Driver for Mac OS

The german Paragon Software Group has just released their Windows NT file system driver "NTFS for Mac OS X 8.0". According to Paragon this driver is the only driver on the market that allows to read and write to NTFS drives with the same speed as native HFS+ drives. In contrast to Tuxera's "NTFS for Mac" solution Paragon's "NTFS for Mac OS X 8.0" also supports 64bit kernel installations of Snow Leopard. A free 10 days trial version is available thru their website. The full retail version costs about US$ 39.95 or €29.95.
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2 Responses to “[MacOS] Paragon Updates NTFS Driver for Mac OS”

  1. L0wnsum says:

    why need for 64bit kernal anyway?
    32bit kernal can addres 32gb ram and run 64 process also…

  2. J. Epstein says:

    that’s true. the performance boost between 32 or 64bit kernel should be minimal on OS X in contrast to Windows.

    Windows cannot address large memory with 32bit kernel, OS X can.

    Windows cannot run 64bit processes with 32bit kernel, OS X can.

    That OS X mach_kernel is imho still superior to Windows kernel design atm.

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