[MacOS] Firewall: Little Snitch 50% Reduced Until Feb, 3rd

http://www.obdev.at/Images/product-icons/littlesnitch-64x64.png One of - if not even - the best firewall software for the MacOS plattform is available for half the price... Until February 3rd, 2013. Besides the firewall features for in- and outgoing connections, it also includes a very sophisticated network monitor. Features
  • configurable Profiles (for home-use, office-use or use in internet café)
  • inbound firewall detection
  • research assistant
  • and many more...
  • Single user license is 15€ (instead of 30€)
  • Multi user license (up to 5 Macs) is 55€ (instead of 110€)
  • Multi user license (up t0 10 Macs) is 95€ (instead of 190€)
  • Family license 30€ (instead of 60€)
See Objective Development's website for further details or buy here... Screenshots http://www.obdev.at/Images/littlesnitch/index/network-monitor.png http://www.obdev.at/Images/littlesnitch/index/profiles.png   http://www.obdev.at/Images/littlesnitch/index/connection-alert.png   http://www.obdev.at/Images/littlesnitch/teaser-3.jpg    
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