[MacOS] EFI-X USB Devices on Sale

Update May 5,  2009: EPOS I. does pretty much the same like EFI-X, but is free of charge for endusers. Find EPOS I. here. We today finally received an EFI-X V1 device for review purposes. As our device arrived from Taiwan, there is obviously a swiss dealer who really got some devices for sale, yet. We get back to you a little later, when we setup our testing lab devices. In the meantime, enjoy some photos... » List of EFI-X Retail Dealers...
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3 Responses to “[MacOS] EFI-X USB Devices on Sale”

  1. Beachball says:

    *wiping sweat off forehead*
    And? DOES it work?
    I´m very curious about how Apple is gonna react upon this….and even more curious if it´ll be possible to do the regular Leopard udates. Tension rises!!

  2. metapapa says:

    Sometimes yes it does, sometimes no it doesn’t (blinking cursor instead of menu). We expect this to be a config error in our setup. Therefore: this is a very early stage and we are not using EFI-X recommended mobo’s, but ASUS for testing purposes. Sadly Gigabyte didn’t deliver review samples, yet. This is only a minor remark in an early testing stage. We will get back to you with a full article soon…

  3. Beachball says:

    TEST IT! TEST IT! TEST IT! I want my cheapo Mac Pro! :-)
    *kidding mode off* No, thanks for your pioneering! Fantastic work!!

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