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[Apple] TechRestore Disassembles New MacBook Pro

Nothing more to tell about it. It’s very funny, sadly the video’s quality is not the best. Enjoy… Video is courtesy of TechRestore…

[Apple] Disassembles New Mac Books

For all people being interested how the new Mac Books can be disassembled, you may have a look at the pages of the guys. They show us how to open the new Mac Books and the new Mac Book Pros. Pictures are courtesy of Mac Book Mac Book Pro

[iPhone] are First to Disassemble the iPhone 3G

The California located guys just got hold of one of the first 3G iPhones. In fact they went to New Zealand to get one, only to instantly disassemble it to see what’s inside of it. The whole picture series can be watched here. The most interesting thing is: the battery is not soldered anymore. […]