[MacOS] Rumors about EFI-X Prices and Shipping date

The EFI-X thing turns into quite a never ending story (see our recent reports here and here). So although june, 23rd - originally announced EFI-X release date - has passed by without any astonishing news on the EFI-X website, there have been some rumors in forums. Forums tell EFI-X will be priced at 80€ (~125USD). EFI-X will not sell to consumers. See a privisional list of countries selling EFI-X here - though yet no retail stores have been named either. They want to start shipping in about 4 weeks (end of july). Moreover it seems like only Gigabyte motherboards are fully supported by that device. We hope to receive an NFR copy of EFI-X soon to keep you updated with details.
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One Response to “[MacOS] Rumors about EFI-X Prices and Shipping date”

  1. Beachball says:

    80 € sounds really tempting. Gigabyte-only motherboard support sounds really disappointing. And I´m waiting for the laptop specs…

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