[iPhone] Apple To Hire iPhone Security Engineer

It seems Apple wants to make the iPhone more secure. Currently they are searching for a security expert to validate the security architecture for the iPhone. Find detailed information about this job opportunity here. Excerpts:
(..) Responsibilities Review and provide feedback on security mechanisms implemented in OS X * Provide risk analysis of potential security threats to our embedded products * Develop "proof of concept" attacks on the current security mechanisms * Come up with new and innovative ways of increasing security while preserving ease-of-use and increasing the quality of the end-user experience. (..) Required Experience: * A genuine passion for analyzing security technologies and developing "proof of concept" attacks * Demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities and troubleshooting skills * Industry exposure to and knowledge of OS security and UNIX internals (..)
Reading this, we think it might not be too easy to find a probable employee whoes curriculum vitae is not in violation of the DMCA. Since this really sounds like a nice job offer only to guys formerly known as hackers...
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